Closet: Eryn Brinie

It won't be this paycheck, or the next one, or maybe even the next one after that (amenities, Amazon.com book sprees, and my newfound shoe weakness have virtually decreed this) but in some way or another, this freaking adorable sailor romper will be mine.

I did, however, purchase one of her gorgeous turquoise satin belted frocks today. $54 dollars out of $162.80, so I'm feeling really good right about now. Really good, albeit hungry and cooped up in a library where a man's cellular or MP3 device is blaring "Free at Last" from behind me. Should I take this as a sign that at least some aspect of fashion is liberating? To answer that, I spent last night writing an essay on the dichotomy of Christopher Columbus's vintaged golden-boy reputation and his actual fall from grace... it bores me to even have to explain the prompt... but anyway, after forcing myself to make it read somewhat interestingly (I'm sure I still failed there) a little retail therapy was just the thing I needed on this hideously rainy day. So, yes, I would say so.

Writing that paper, however, forces me wonder: Why are we still talking about Christopher Columbus these days? Is he even relevant? He didn't set foot in North America, and the college here doesn't observe the 'holiday,' so. What has he done for me lately?

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