Closet: The Cody Boot, by 80%20

My second pair of 80%20's came in the mail today. (Talk about fast! Ordered them Friday night, received them much sooner than expected at 4pm today -- shipping was free, too. Thanks, Endless!) They couldn't have come at a better time, seeing as how a) I'm a sucker for smoke and mirrors and b) I may have worn my pair of Molly wedges (pictured below) right into the ground. Ce Ce Chin, I will thank you over an infinite amount of giant basted turkeys and gravy boats for gifting us of the average height with hidden wedges. Genius, really. I'm all about deception. Growth spurt overnight? Why, thank you for noticing. Do my legs look like they go out for, like, a mile? Don't mind if they do. Seriously, good things happen in these shoes.

Now I just need to invest in some inserts for my Mollys so I can start walking on clouds -- in style -- all over again.

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