Busy, busy worker bee.

Departing for Italy a week from tomorrow. Jitters and so, so much to accomplish before then! I bought a perfect purple suitcase from TJ Maxx the other night -- a Liz Claiborne for $39.00. My new traveling companion has been named Leticia, to match my Lady Baltimore I found at a vintage shop (sadly, she will not be tagging along, as her locks have not yet been properly WD-40'd). Now I just have to narrow down my wardrobe to its bones and pack the necessaries and the must-haves. Of course, at this time there are crazy sales going on around town, but I must keep my horse blinders on and stay focused!

As far as living situations go, I've got exposed beams and original stone features to look forward to. Rolling countryside -- farm furrows and hay stacks. Gorgeous hues of yellows, greens, and browns. A pool to soak my feet, and sun for the skin.

I'm not sure one month is long enough.

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