I read an article about this photographer Tseng Kwong Chi, who took all these shots of himself looking very stern and dour, his arms rigid by his side, at tourist destinations around the world. I thought they were kind of cool. And when we were on tour in Japan, I stayed there an extra week, and one day when walking around, I took a photo like that. I thought it was funny. At this point, I’ve probably taken about 100. I don’t really do them for any reason except to do them. Chris Baio, who’s in the band with me, thinks they’re equally funny, and I have given some to my mom. I’ve sort of developed a taste for traveling alone. When I’m by myself, I can actually do what I want. I kind of just like to walk around, I like to get lost, I don’t have destinations. Most people don’t find that quite as enjoyable as I do.


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